Why you’re my Peggy Carter

“Peggy” Agent Carter

It may seem strange to resemble one to “Peggy” Agent Carter. For those who don’t know, she’s a fictional character within the Marvel universe. Steve Rogers, or otherwise known as Captain America, eventually falls in love with her after meeting during basic training when Rogers joins the US army. Miss Carter was known for winning in the face of adversity, successfully holding her own in a room full of men, and looking beyond one’s appearance, at least as much as a Hollywood character can. Let me preface this by saying she’s still a Hollywood character, complete with attributes that are either not realistic or downright stereotypical. I’m not attempting to say you are stereotypical or unrealistic, but I’m making a mere thoughtful comparison of the similar positive qualities you share with this very fictional character.

There’s a time in Roger’s life where he’s the victim–always being bullied for standing up for what is right, feeling inadequate to “protect” his country during the Second World War, or being ridiculed for being small and skinny. When he was selected to join the army for a secret project by, what seems to be, a wise doctor, he faced the same, yet more intense, the difficulty he did before joining the army. It’s worth noting that although Agent Carter didn’t show interest in Roger’s at the time, she did not ignore him like other women at the time.

Likewise, when I was considered less attractive, at least by societal standards, you didn’t ignore me. When I didn’t have a dollar to my name, you didn’t ignore me. As I’ve glowed-up, I’ve noticed the more shallow or superficial attention I never use to get, and I’ve become more grateful for you–the one that saw past my appearance.

When I didn’t have a dollar to my name, you didn’t ignore me. 

Andrew Crawford

After going through basic training, Rogers receives a special serum that makes him Captain America. Growing to be six feet tall with muscles everywhere, he was no longer a victim, no longer skinny, and no longer bullied. After this, Rogers received more attention from everyone–women included. That said, because he had the perspective of his former life, he knew the real value of a good woman–one that values him for what’s on the inside because the outside can change.

Similarly to how Rogers feels about Carter, I think about you. I’ve often struggled with the notion that no one truly loves me for me because it’s about the results I bring–in every context of life. If there’s one person that I think loves me for, at least most of me (yes, no one likes how I leave my socks around the house), it’s you.

After making his first save, Rogers begins working on the political side of the war with his newfound publicity. Aiming to help recruit more soldiers (and votes), he goes on a campaign trail. Eventually, he crosses the pond and meets Agent Carter again, and she encourages him to do something more impactful with his newly acquired talents. The encouragement she gives him reminds me of you. You’ve inspired me in all the right areas, even if it’s helping me not to do something. With Roger’s new motivation, he frees a significant number of men from Hydra (or Nazi) control. 

As I think about my journey over the last decade, I remind myself of the little pushes I got from you along the way (sometimes they were pulls, admittenly). Sure, it’s been a lot of my ambition, discipline, and crit that has gotten me the moderate successes I have had. Still, I wouldn’t have had that much ambition, or that much discipline, or that much crit if you weren’t supporting me either directly or indirectly. You’ve been there for me all this time, either by showing me how attractive you find me or taking care of our beautiful children. 

In the end, Roger’s wouldn’t have become the success he did without the support from Agent Carter. I don’t think I’d be where I am if I didn’t have the support I get from you. You’re my love, life partner, and otherwise companion of choice. 

I love you. Happy Valentines Day.

Why I’ve made this website

Of course, this will be an ever-changing answer. Sitting here in Starbucks, sipping on my tall vanilla steamer with my lemon loaf, I ponder how to articulate all the reasons that have led me here to launch this site. It is no small commitment to start a blog, let alone all the accompanying surprises I have planned for this site. So what’s led to this? For starters, I’ve been helping businesses and individuals with their websites for years, I’ve helped run ad campaigns, put together value propositions for building (and not building) websites, and boasted myself an expert along the way.

It’s more than that, I’ve dreamt of the lifestyle that bloggers often possess. You know the type–writing about food, travel and fitness while enjoying the more beautiful things in life while doing it. As much as I dream that’ll be me, I know it won’t. No–I’ll have my own style with different content. I plan to write about finance, technology and leadership. I’ll naturally gravitate from those topics from time-to-time, but for the most part, those are the three pillars of this website. Why those topics? I’ve learned about finance because as much as I dislike this truth, the world runs on money and I didn’t want to be powerless about this truth. I learned about technology because I genuinely enjoyed games, robotics, engineering, and the combination of all of these. I learned about leadership because I realized you can’t complete anything significant alone. A team is essential to achieve anything of particular importance.

So what will this site be about? That’s too difficult to answer right now accurately. Although I can tell you that you can expect more than just writings. I plan to write books, courses, and even build tools to help you win in today’s competitive world.