Hi friend! I’m Andrew. A scholar of learning, usually in the fields of finance, leadership, and technology. That said, I’ve found myself dabbling into a vast array of topics such as philosophy, business, parenting, relationships, fitness, and academia. I’ve gained much of my knowledge chiefly by learning failing. Although this has mostly propelled my career forward, with being an IT Director by 26 and five-time entrepreneur, it came at a cost. Don’t worry, though; it’s not all rainy and slumberous. I didn’t take this tone to make you feel disheartened about achieving your goals or get sympathy for my overall struggle to achieve limited success. I say this to be truly authentic.

The underlying theme connecting all my content on this site will be remaining genuine. You can read about how to be successful all over the internet, so how will this be any different? One word: Authenticism. It’s not easy to start a company, achieve financial freedom, or lead a team. I don’t want to pretend the struggle isn’t there to achieve these successes. We’ll talk about them while not falling into a pit of despair.